Niagara series

Niagara series advantages

  • Enamel-lined internal tank
  • Steel external case coated with a snow white matt paint
  • 1500W copper heating element and extended magnesium anode protecting internal tank against corrosion
  • Safety system: safety and back-pressure valve (combined), thermal limiter and thermostat
  • Super dense heat insulation layer helping water inside the tank to remain hot
  • Heat insulation layer made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Repairable design of the water heater’s lower cover
  • ECO temperature controller mode allowing to automatically set the most efficient water heating mode
  • Special style of water heating mode indication: bright-pink lamp called Pink Cherry.
  • Unusual color and increased indicator size complete the control panel’s elegant design
  • Unmatched texture of the control panels’ plastic coating that can be easily mistaken for natural leather is HYUNDAI designers’ pride. Exclusive plastic material “Rhino skin” brings every owner of the Niagara water heater closer to luxury

Series features

NIAGARA Series — the best technologies of traditional water heaters are realized in a refined form.

Even a water heater can be stylish if it is the Hyundai water heater. The inimitable texture of the plastic coating of Niagara control panel, which is so easy to confuse with a natural leather, is the boast of Hyundai designers. A large indicator lamp of a daring bright-pink color ideally sets off the dark-grey panel being not only a useful function of water heating indication, but also a chic independent element of design. The exclusive “Rhino Leather” plastic makes each owner of Niagara water heater one step closer to the luxury.