Riverside Series: SWS11

  • Classic design, steel housing
  • Robust steel housing covered with snow-white mat enamel
  • The ROUND LIGHTS system assures two-color indication on the control panel, visual monitoring of water heater operation and determination of the current operation mode
  • The uniform heating of water is guaranteed by the optimized system of overflowing between the tanks
  • High energy efficiency level: thanks to the high-quality heat insulation layer, which uniformly and voidlessly fills the inner space between the housing and the tanks
  • Real reduction of heat losses as there are no heat bridges
  • The optimum position of temperature regulator, which matches the most comfortable temperature of water in tank (+58°C (±2°C)) and the most efficient power consumption mode
  • Extended life-time: the inner tanks and all components are made of 1.2 mm thick SUS 316 stainless steel
  • The increased magnesium anode protects the inner tanks against corrosion and reduces the amount of scale formed
  • Highly efficient heating element made of stainless steel of SUS 840 grade
  • Absolutely safe operation: protection against leakages, drying heating and excess pressure
  • Simple in maintenance and repair, disconnection from water mains is not required

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