Climatic home appliances

The extensive experience of the company in working all over the world has allowed Hyundai to select not only the state-of-the-art high-quality equipment, which is to be introduced to the market of Russia and CIS countries, but also to take into account the necessity to offer the climate control equipment affordable within its class to the consumers.


The main philosophy of the climate control work stream of Hyundai has become the search for functional solutions and deployment of the latest technologies. Being governed by this philosophy, the company has brought to the market a whole range of household and semi-industrial families of split systems, mobile conditioners, and air driers, which embody not only the functionality, innovations, and fresh HVAC market trends, but also the exclusive design.


Hyundai Company keeps strict watch over the observance of the highest quality standards at each manufacturing stage, that is why it can be guaranteed that the manufactured product will be reliable and durable.