First Time in Russia – Hyundai Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers
From the very beginning and up till now, the core strategy of Hyundai Corporation is overcoming the borders, continuous development, and product promotion to new markets. This vector and mission are realized in new projects all over the world by all subdivisions of the Corporation.

Whiff of Sirocco
Hyundai Sirocco mobile air conditioner is the epitome of the namesake wind in all its incarnations.

Eastern Wind of Change
The marketing research being conducted by Hyundai shows that the company products are, first of all, associated with the quality and durability.

New Horizons of Climatic Equipment
Air conditioners – new models in the season 2017!

Hyundai Opens a New Season of Water Heating Equipment!
Этой весной компания Hyundai рада сообщить своим покупателям о появлении в ассортименте новых линеек водонагревательной техники.

Treated water from an air dehumidifier – fact or fiction?
There was a question from our customers - if air dehumidifiers produce condensated water, so is this water technically treated, distillated? So, we have an answer!

Hyundai portable air conditioners – on the cutting edge of technology
In 1914, the American engineer-inventor Willis Haviland Carrier patented a schematic diagram and a device that has become the world’s first air conditioning system meeting four requirements: temperature control, humidity control, air circulation control and air ventilation and purification...

Hyundai tank water heaters – unity with nature
Developing the line of electric tank water heaters, the Hyundai team of specialists drew inspiration from nature itself which allowed to create water heaters with excellent performance, reliability, appearance and, of course, safety.

Do you have gas in your apartment? Gas tankless water heaters are a nice choice!
Having installed gas tankless water heaters in your apartment, you will easily solve the problem of absence or shortage of hot water, and at the same time the heating process itself will be efficient and very economical.

Portable cooling
Are you looking for an escape from the heat and cannot choose the main helper and friend for the coming several hot summer months that will create such a desirable coolness and comfort in your apartment or office? One of the most efficient, affordable and at the same time easiest to use means to escape summer heat is a portable air conditioner.

Hyundai dehumidifiers will help to efficiently normalize the humidity level
The humidity level is one of the most important parameters that affects microclimate in a room and has a great impact on people and items.

Hyundai Heviz water heaters – an inexhaustible source of hot water
One of the new series of storage water heaters in 2016 has the same name as the unique thermal lake, located in Hungary, not far from the western end of the Lake Balaton.

High technologies for life
The progress steadily brings the humankind closer to creation of more sophisticated equipment. Equipment that is ergonomic, functional, user-friendly upon everyday use and available to almost any group of customers regardless of nationality and country of residence.

Korean spring: Hyundai begins delivery of new domestic air conditioners
As we approach the new climatic season, Hyundai is pleased to offer Russian partners and customers several absolutely new products in the segment of domestic air conditioners.

In 2016, Hyundai has extended the range of water heating equipment
Hyundai continues to gain ground on the climatic equipment market in Russia and CIS countries. That is confirmed by extended product range of the Korean brand. In 2016, you will see new series of water heating appliances of this brand in the stores, featuring high manufacturability, wide range of functions, excellent design, unmatched quality and maximum performance.

Hyundai oil-filled radiators. Classical and avant-garde electric heating
Hyundai oil-filled radiators are a fresh breeze in the days of post-modernism. Unique design of the series of Hyundai oil-filled radiators is inspired by images of the art of ancient Greece, monumental cultural and architectural memorials.

The absolute water resistance technology by Hyundai
Solar heat is the most familiar and the most comfortable method of heating for a human. Hyundai Mitra series infrared heaters are your personal sun!

Hyundai – 2 years in Russia in the professional HVAC segment
Only surmounting boundaries, going beyond standards and doing things that others dare not, one can achieve great success. In early 2014, centralized supplies of Hyundai climatic equipment to Russia and CIS countries were commenced.

Semi-industrial heaters – uncompromising quality and reliability
For efficient and reliable heating of industrial and semi-industrial premises, we recommend out customers to use special-purpose Hyundai thermal equipment, with improved resistance to operation in aggressive environments (low temperatures, high contamination of premises, increased moisture content, etc.).

The new series of electric convectors in stock
The new series of electric convectors are available for order in the official Hyundai internet store in Russia: Basiq, ProSlider and ProSlider Digital.