New Horizons of Climatic Equipment

The sharply continental summer is gradually approaching Russia, and it means that there is an urgent need to air-condition the premises. If you only start thinking about purchasing of a suitable device – in 2017, there are lots of reasons to pay attention to Hyundai climatic equipment!



This spring, Hyundai fundamentally refreshes the offering or air conditioner and adds stylish and efficient, heat-pitiless split systems and mobile air conditioners.


The split systems of Seoul series is the absolute 2017 novelty! The air conditioner has an integrated air ionization and purification system, a hidden display, energy efficiency of class A, and other functions, which make this device a real godsend in fighting with heat this summer!


Get ready to enjoy comfort in the company of Sirocco – one of the most silent mobile air conditioners. See the true value in Aura DC inverter systems, and if humidity is increased – use the brand new Home Assistant TX air dryer! We will be happy to tell you about all these and other devices in the next few weeks.


Be ready to 2017 summer season – choose Hyundai!