First Time in Russia – Hyundai Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers

From the very beginning and up till now, the core strategy of Hyundai Corporation is overcoming the borders, continuous development, and product promotion to new markets. This vector and mission are realized in new projects all over the world by all subdivisions of the Corporation.


In 2014, Hyundai launched the supplies of domestic and semi-industrial climatic equipment to Russia and a number of CIS countries via the exclusive distributor. The basis of the product range was formed by domestic heaters, and, in 2015, storage and tankless water heaters and several lines of split systems were added, and now we are happy to announce that this autumn Hyundai ultrasonic air humidifiers will enter the Russian market for the first time.


You can go on a virtual tour and get acquainted with our product range on our web-site, and the authorized Hyundai dealers will start the sales in mid-September of this year.


Brief information – why do we need air humidifiers?


To keep the mucous membranes of upper respiratory tracts in normal condition and maintain their ability to resist bacteria entering the organism and prevent the pathologies, the humidity of air breathed in shall be at least 40% (doctors consider 65% humidity to be the perfect level). Otherwise, the protective properties of mucous tissues are oppressed, which brings about, first, the decrease in tissue immunity and, then, in systemic immunity. The level of humidity especially influences the health of children and people with upper respiratory tracts diseases (all kinds of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, etc.). That is why, it is vital to maintain the humidity of indoor air at the required level. In cold season, the central heating as well as additional heating sources are switched on in residential buildings and offices, and the humidity level drops to critical 20-25%. And, it is that very period when air humidifiers are irreplaceable.



Hyundai humidifiers will become the perfect solution to the dry air problem in residential buildings and offices during the period of active heating season: models with 3- to 6-liter water tank, with mechanical or touch-sensor control, for small children room and spacious drawing rooms, with classic and exotically bright design.


Choose and enjoy the fresh air!