Eastern Wind of Change

The marketing research being conducted by Hyundai shows that the company products are, first of all, associated with the quality and durability. In the eyes of present-day buyers, the equipment manufactured by the South-Korean company is not the beauty and aesthetics, but, above all else, the reliable operation under the most severe conditions.


However, times change: Hyundai novelty of 2017 climatic season, Seoul air conditioner, is ready to strike not only by the traditional Korean workmanship, but also by its own and unique Eastern charm.







Hyundai Seoul has been created to become a real star of any interior. The shape of the device has absorbed all 2017 fashion trends with a feeling of own and unique style added. The hi-tech mat plastic of Hidden Display front panel masques the traditional shape under it being the optimum combination of the classic design and the state-of-the-art tendencies.


However, the exterior is not the most important feature, which distinguishes Seoul among multiple similar devices. While creating Seoul, Hyundai engineers have responded to the request of citizens of large cities: the air conditioner is equipped with the smart air ionization system, which has an antibacterial effect on atmosphere in premises, and also neutralizes multiple harmful chemical compounds. This innovation, together with “4 in 1” air conditioning system, allows Seoul split system to be an air heater, an air fan, an air dryer and an air purifier to the equal extent – without any loss of quality! Which means – it is one of the best choices among air conditioners to be used interseasonally.


One of the main principles of Hyundai equipment is the fast and high-quality operation. The air conditioners of Seoul series cool down or warm up the premises quickly and efficiently when the intensive operation mode is selected. The function of super-fast operation assures reaching of the maximum power within seconds, thus establishing the desired temperature in premises, and the special “night” mode guarantees comfortable sleeping thanks to automatic temperature adjustment and absence of disturbing noise.


In new 2017 season, Hyundai engineers declare: the time of ordinary air conditioners is gone. There comes an epoch of multifunctional, stylish, and advanced equipment affordable to any customer. In other words, it is the time of change, and Hyundai Seoul split system is one harbingers of this time.