Whiff of Sirocco

Among all the winds of the Mediterranean Sea, there is the most noticeable one. It is awaited eagerly on the coasts of France, Italy and Croatia – since this winds brings coolness, white-capped wavelets and marine air to local people. And on the south coasts, in Tunisia, Morocco and Libya, it changes its behavior and brings parching wind from deserts blowing away moist tropical cyclones from the African shore.


And this wind is named Sirocco (Ital. scirocco).


Hyundai Sirocco mobile air conditioner is the epitome of the namesake wind in all its incarnations. The device can work in cooling, drying and ventilation modes.



While improving the climate in home, Sirocco is capable of lots other things: 320 m3/h air rate forms the powerful air flow, which cools air with up to 880 W power consumed. If necessary, the device can be switched to the drying mode with the maximum water collection capacity of 21.6 liters per day!


Like all other Hyundai mobile air conditioners, Sirocco is simple to install – it is enough to connect the device to the mains and bring the external pipe out of the cooled premises. The air filter of the device is easy to clean, and the condensate container is easy to remove. The dimensions of Hyundai Sirocco will make happy the fans of compact equipment – it is an elegant and small mobile air conditioner. The weight of internal block is up to 22.5 kilograms, which makes is possible to move it easily on four convenient wheel included into the scope of supply, and the moderate dimensions (only 68 cm high and 38 cm deep) make it possible to install it in any place you need. Sirocco air conditioner has a classic Hyundai style – high-quality snow-white plastic, traditional lines, clear and not overloaded control panel.


Whatever changes of domestic climate you may need – all of them are within Sirocco’s scope of abilities!