Reliable partner for your business


The industry of professional HVAC market is currently actively developing all over the world engaging more and more manufacturers and brands, which strive to occupy their own niche and become competent participant in the industry.

In the environment of high competitive density, only a manufacturer aiming not only to make fast profit, but also believing that it is a professional honor to create, introduce to the market and offer products with high customer value, may win the attention of consumers and, as a consequence, manage their choice. A deep understanding of this fact is the main product and commercial strategy of Hyundai Company.

Being a partner and distributor of climate equipment at the territory of Russia and CIS countries, our company receives a number of significant competitive advantages, which allow the partner of any level to build a stable and profitable business in any region of operations: 


For Wholesale Customer or Distributor


  • Product from internationally known manufacturers with the highest technological advantages
  • Single federal price formation 
  • Strict limitation of sales channels with exclusive partners defined for each channel
  • Protection of partners’ rate of return with the help of merchandizing and commercial tools
  • All Hyundai products are the original company developments and are not related to the typical OEM production – this will allow you to include in your stock a product, which will be standing out among the equivalents



For Public Sector


  • By choosing a partnership with Hyundai, you obtain a huge competitive force based on the global fame and the long history of the brand – the name of the trademark works for itself
  • Hyundai assures a high level of contractual obligations guarantee
  • The federal service coverage assures a high level of maintenance support
  • A warehouse program allows the formation and execution of orders of any urgency level



For Retail Customer


  • The equipment with high innovative, technological and aesthetic characteristics will bring comfort to your home at any season and will become a perfect supplement to any interior
  • The high quality of manufacturing is a recipe for long-term and efficient operation and notable saving on the post-warranty servicing
  • The scope of the company and more than half-a-century experience in different high-tech markets are the guarantee of the high quality of product, which means that by choosing Hyundai you choose the product which will serve you for years to come
  • A well-developed network of service centers over the entire territory of Russia will provide the high-class maintenance at any level of communication
  • Thanks to the reasonable price policy, Hyundai products are affordable to a wide range of customers


Partnership with Hyundai is an ideal step forward aimed at the mutual prosperity.

Partnership with Hyundai is an interesting experience, which will help to introduce a concept of a healthy and effective competition to any business in a market of any complexity.

Partnership with Hyundai is a good style and high standards of respect to yourself and your business established by the long history of Company’s success in the world.