PRO JECT C2 series

Appliance advantages

  • Automatic louver up-down and left-right rocking
  • Fast and uniform air cooling down to 17°С
  • Heating of a room at ambient air temperature up to –7°С
  • Fast reaching of the maximum cooling capacity by one press of the Maxi button
  • Fully functional air drier up to 50 l/day* to be used between seasons
  • Ventilation mode without reducing the room temperature
  • Automatic searching and maintaining comfortable temperature
  • Automatic restart when the power supply is re-established
  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • Sleep – Automatic night time mode
  • Inner textured system of copper pipes with increased heat exchange coefficient
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant · Low noise level

* 18000, 24000 BTU - 25 l/d, 36000 BTU - 30 l/d, 48000, 60000 BTU - 50 l/d.

Series features

  • Accent control panel in the center of the front console
  • Temperature indicator on the indoor unit panel
  • Contemporary design and smooth case shape