High Technologies for Life


The progress inevitably moves the humanity closer to creation of more and more sophisticated equipment. The equipment, which is ergonomic, full-featured, intuitive at daily use and affordable to practically every group of customers regardless of nationality and home country.


The desire of people in all over the world to fill their life with comfort is borderless, and Hyundai Corporation manufactures precisely this equipment by using for its creation the contemporary and innovative technological developments, and in some cases – by creating its own developments.


The development of technologies is an important priority and the investment profile of Hyundai for all segments of equipment manufactured by the corporation, and the segment of professional HVAC equipment is not an exclusion..


The continuous search for functional solutions and the deployment of new technologies brings the team of Hyundai engineers and developers closer with each day to the creation of impeccable products with the highest reliability, functionality and ergonomics characteristics.


The technologies applied in different product segments of professional Hyundai climate equipment

Climate Equipment

Heating Equipment

Hot Water Equipment