The current market of household appliances offers practically unlimited possibilities for a consumer to search for solutions assuring the creation of ideal comfort and coziness. Taking into account all the diversity, the most important thing for a buyer is the guarantee of the right choice. Being trusted and respected by buyers is essential for us! This is the goal of our work, which drives us at each stage of product development, its distribution and operation.


The application of special technologies and the multilevel quality assurance at production allow us to expend the guaranteed lifetime for the majority of heating and hot-water appliances. Alongside with that, the lifetime of Hyundai equipment significantly exceeds the guaranteed period stated by manufacturers of household appliances.


The information on guaranteed periods and liabilities of Hyundai is covered by the official sources of Hyundai Company for each type of equipment, and also in the web-sites of the company representative offices.


Warranty Periods of Hyundai Equipment

Product group Equipment warranty Electrical part of equipment Accumulation container
Hot-water equipment
Accumulation water heaters, more than 30 liters 12 months 36 months* 60 months
Accumulation water heaters, less than 30 liters 12 months 36 months* 24 months (36 months*)
Direct-flow water heaters 12 months x х
Heating equipment
Electric oil-filled radiators 24 months x x
Blow heaters 24 months x x
Hot air curtains 24 months x x
Electric convectors 12 months 36 months* x
Convector radiators 12 months x x
Convection panels 12 months x x
Other electric and gas devices 12 months x x
Climate control equipment
Electric air conditioners 24 months 36 months* x
Air driers 24 months x x

* - the increased warranty for separate components and units of devices is valid only if the periodic maintenance of a device is regularly carried out by the specialists of an authorized service center. After each servicing, the warranty card shall be stamped with a seal of the service center, thus, confirming that the maintenance was passed. If a user skips at list one maintenance session, the increased warranty for the component specified is terminated, and the warranty becomes of a standard type as for the entire device on the whole. The list of preventive operations, and also the approximate periods of preventive maintenance are given in Tables 1 and 2 of warranty cards.